L’Arche Community in Gdynia, Poland

L’Arche Community in Gdynia, Poland


L’Arche Foundation, a community in Gdynia.


Financing the current needs.


L’Arche Foundation is specialised in projects that center around the care and well – being of people with intellectual disabilities. Small residential care homes are a traditional form of support where people with disabilities can receive support 24 hours per day thanks to their live-in caretakers. Currently, L’Arche in Poland runs seven assisted living centers, including one in Gdynia that houses seven persons with disabilities and their caretakers.

Funding was requested to be able to cover the costs of the therapies and support that are needed in the Gdynia care center.


Annual subsidy in 2022 and 2023.


150 000€ in 2022.

150 000€ in 2023.