Have a Heart Adoption Maitri

Have a Heart Adoption Maitri


Children from low-income African families – through Heart Adoption Program.


The Maitri Movement Association, a non-profit organization established in 2011, provides education and material assistance to children from low-income families in African and Asian countries. The long-distance adoption program has supported almost 4,000 children from primary and secondary schools, with each child having an individual sponsor. The program also finances the purchase of food, medicines, and infrastructure development, with aid distributed through Catholic missions in several countries.


The Have a Heart Adoption is a charitable initiative that enables remote sponsorship of children from low-income families in Africa and Asia. The sponsored children receive access to education, livelihood, and spiritual development. The program has been operational since 1996 and currently supports 3,736 individuals in 11 countries. The Amani Foundation’s participation in this program will provide 20 high school students with developmental support.




20 400 €