Support for a refugee family from Afghanistan

Support for a refugee family from Afghanistan


A refugee family from Afghanistan.


Ensuring the family’s financial independence by enabling the parents to practice their medical professions in Poland.


We were approached by a young couple with two daughters. Both parents have medical degrees, the husband is a surgeon, and the wife is a nurse. The girls are of preschool age. The situation in their home country prevents them from returning to their homeland.

The aim of the support program, launched in 2022, is to enable the parents to practice their professions in Poland. For this, it is necessary for them to learn the Polish language and adjust their education to Polish Healthcare System, so that their knowledge and skills are officially recognised by Polish law. An equally important part of the project consists in social integration of the whole family by their participation in various additional activities. Financial support includes apartment rental, living costs and education for three years. During this period, the family should adapt to the new conditions and achieve the program’s goals. Upon completion, the couple will be required to work at the designated medical facility for a period corresponding to the financial support they were receiving.

Project management and supervision are carried out by the Association of Solidarity with the Poor of the Third World “Maitri”.


3 years


26 500 € per year